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Before Readlst I was always a bit behind when it came to news. Not because I didn't care but because I'm a slow reader. I'm impressed with the 'voice' quality of Readlst. It's like my friend who reads the news out loud to me while I can be active, like when I'm doing the laundry
Helena Levison
CEO of Power Intern
I’ve just listened to articles on Readlst while doing my laundry. It makes me fell that I’m achieving somthing and becoming smarter at the same time. It is a great tool for taking advantage of time in which you are not usually productive.
Joachim Harris
As an entrepreneur focusing on my startup’s day-to-day priorities, it was getting harder and harder to allocate reading time and catch up on the startup and tech worlds. Readlst has allowed me to capitalize on time that I didn’t know I had! Now, every day while driving to the office, I get an efficient overview of every relevant article without breaking a sweat.
Joey Zeeny
CEO @ Jellyfish
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